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The aim of education in Sunrise School is the overall development of the students. In order to facilitate all round growth of a child, the school provides several facilities. The school is built in such a way to facilitate the requirements of the students of various age groups. We are equipped with a well ventilated classroom with comfortable sitting arrangement, playground facilities, fully furnished auditorium with badminton court meeting International Standards, games room for indoor games like Table Tennis, chess etc. The school has a well stocked library and reading room, fully equipped laboratories for science and other subjects. The students are offered forums like the house boards, presentation in the assembly, daily news reading etc. The Bose Institute of Kolkata has helped the school in setting up its own weather station in the school campus which has helped students to understand metrological phenomenon, from the instruments like the rain gauge, wind vane, cup anemometer, dry and wet thermometer etc. The school has also launched transport facilities to cater to the conveyance of students and faculties.


Safety and security being the utmost priority of the school and to ensure it, the entire school premise is under strict CCTV vigilance. To prevent any malpractice, and provide better safety and security to the students and also for better administration, high definition CCTV camera has been installed which is 24*7 operational.



Sunrise School operates a bus service to the Faculties and Students along certain routes from the town and back for their convenience.



With the advancement of information technology, the objective of education would be incomplete without proper knowledge of IT. Hence to make our students competent in every sphere of Modern Education we have introduced Smart Classes and also well equipped and functional Computer Labs.



Library in Sunrise School is the heart of our academic growth and development, we have a fully functional library with good quality collection of books for the reference of the students. We believe in inculcation of learning habits to our students, so we have emphasized library to be part of their curriculum. Therefore, it is mandatory for all students to spend certain hours in the library under the guidance of a qualified librarian.



We have established a state of the art fully equipped Lab facility to conduct all the experiments for the hands-on experience and better understanding of the students.