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The literary Club of the school aims at fostering a love for books and literature in students and promoting literary activities in our school. The wide spectrum of literary activities include creative writing, elocution , extempore speech , debate , etc. The literary club is one of the many clubs initiated by our school as part of inculcating and imbibing the importance of extracurricular activities for nurturing the personality of the students. The Literary club gives its members a suitable platform to develop and fulfil their literary talents with productive suggestions, healthy criticism and heartfelt appreciation . The club introduces the students to wider horizons of literature.


The word handicraft , more precisely means as handmade, which covers a wide variety of work where useful and decorative objects are made hand or by using only simple tools . It is a traditional main sector of art and craft and applies to a wide range of creative and designing activities that are related to individual skills . In order to bring out the innermost creativity of the students , the school has played a phenomenal role by introducing Handicraft Club., the handicraft club had been giving its best creative performance under the guidance and supervision of our very talented club in-charges. Student members belonging to various classes make hand made pillow covers ,cushions , net table cloth , cross stitch work , soft toys etc. Handicraft Club of the school has been a platform for encouraging the creative talent of its members and also the centre of innovation and creativity.


" Our very being, essence, health and happiness depends on mother earth." David Suzuki. Nature Club student members strive to develop love for Nature so as to instill awareness of the environment in the school and our surroundings as a whole . The recent activities of the club include planting of trees , participation in the Biodiversity Fair at Sikkim and Darjeeling and general Clean Environment Programmes organized by WWF


Students are encouraged towards awareness of the importance of physical and quality sports activities. The Table Tennis Club and Badminton Club endeavors to promote the overall development of the team building, team spirit and love for sports. The table Tennis Club and Badminton Club has been performing outstandingly and has performed exceedingly well at the school level tournaments under the guidance and motivation of the club in-charges. The Table Tennis Club and Badminton Club is gaining popularity among the students.


“Music is the soul of this universe that speaks the language without words that touches every heart. Neither boundaries nor language can restrict and restrain the flow of music that keeps echoing and keeps the universe alive and lively. ” Well structured theoretical classes and a lesson plans are initiated to hone the students’ minds towards rhythm, melodies and harmonics, the essential components of pipe band. The Band club of Sunrise School is highly appreciated by all and today our band is acclaimed as one of the best bands of Darjeeling and specially, it being the only pipe band in the Lebong valley, the people of this region have a kind of unbreakable bond with our pipe band.


Academic learning and sports education are complementary to each other. They resemble two faces of same coin. Both are very important for all round development of students and must go hand in hand. Only when this is accomplished does a student come out of school as a better citizen which the society of present aspires for. Of all these clubs, particularly the football club has been giving the students every opportunity to make their names in the field. From its inception the school has been taking part in every event being organized by different schools as well as by ‘The Football Association of Darjeeling.’ In the field of football, the school has achieved many laurels and have won many trophies during the competition with rigorous practice and dedication.


The science club envisions to develop scientific temperament among the youngsters and to promote science based activities that are useful in everyday life. The club seeks to fulfill these objectives through the following activities: a) Organizing students science exhibitions/ fairs. b) Inviting science communications as resource persons to give talks/workshops. c) Disseminate information on “Science in everyday life” among students.


Sunrise School from the beginning has produced very good artists who have been able to excel in the field of music, dance and drama. The dramatic club offers all kinds of support for the beginners who wish to learn the art and inspire them to be professionals in the field